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Private Coaching & RYA


New yachting project - services tailored to your individual needs

  • Develop Skipper and Crew Skills, Competencies and Capabilities 
  • Learn how to sail bigger or unfamiliar types of yacht 
  • Learn to sail better with family and friends and No shouting 
  • Get on top of the systems, processes and people approach to teamwork and team leadership 
  • Maintenance, upkeep and so much more...

Great Crew Training 

We have a “Great Crew” course that is the best blending of skills, competency and behaviours for today’s sailing focussing on use; Chartering, Ownership Coastal or Offshore. 

Great Skipper’s Training 

The RYA is recognised as the premier practical sailing courses, and having instructed these for many years I can attest to this. However, I’ve met and sailed with many Skippers that simply don’t fit the boxes associated. If you want competencies without the RYA framework. “Great Skipper” is the Bespoke course that blends the skills, behaviours and competencies without an RYA examination. ask for details...

Yacht Manoeuvre Power/Sail

The best course with 1 - 2 days parking in strong tides and wind.... gods of weather permitting! 


RYA freelance Instructor


Working in conjunction with RYA accredited sailing schools to teach Theory and with appropriate Yachts Practical courses:

  • Competent crew 
  • Day skipper
  • Coastal / Yachtmaster offshore 
  • Oceanmaster