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General Yacht Care


Teak & Woodwork


Wood is frequently a contentious matter, Golden, Grey, Oiled, Sealed.... we can help

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Vinyl Care


Vinyl -

Boat seats and cushion cleaning

Sail Coverts, Hoods - Clean and service Or if too worn-out replacement




Take the hassle out of annual Lifting replacing parts and enjoy your investment!

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General Yacht Cleaning


Over time paint and gelcoat oxidises to a milky dull reflection of her former glory. 

Polishing typically with micro abrasives and or chemicals can restore shine and lustre to the lady.

Once polished the surface should be suitably protected from UV to reduce subsequent sun damage.

Lets talk about if you want a regular scheduled clean keeping your yacht in prime condition ready for your maximum enjoyment, or you need her deep cleaned after the green grind wrist marks have taken over.

Washing - external shampoo of all surfaces, unlocked lockers and non slip areas, Windows polished. Dry wipe. 


Dingy Care


Hypalon the key material used in tender dingy construction gets filthy.... Using a suitable cleaner and UV protection can resurrect the hardy work horse back to a glorious shine


Internal Yacht Cleaning


Using wet/dry extraction machines, carpet cleaners

Surface treatment with agreed suitable cleaning products we clean inside and out of lockers Cookers, Heads, Bilges.

Whatever you want we can help 


Engine Service


Propulsion equipment on your Yacht needs regular service and inspection.

All metal work submerged in sea water will suffer corrosion and or contamination reducing efficiency. Treatment with acid or mechanical cleaners is needed followed by suitable antifouling.

Anodes should be regularly inspected and replaced when necessary.